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Game Plan – making Olav & the Lute

by michael rougeau on Animal New York

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It’s been over a month since Olav & the Lute was released. We got more attention than I ever hoped for. Even the guardian wrote a short note in an indie games weekly.
It’s time to write a bit about it.


Olav & the Lute was downloaded or played in browser over 5000 times from the official page.
Another 3400 played it on GameJolt. An unknown number of people (but probably equally high) played it on jayisgames.com.

That’s all in all probably more than 10,000 plays. That’s incredible!

a bit about the development

As I stated before, the development of Olav & the Lute wasn’t really organized perfectly. We always said “another 2 months to go!”, but it kept at being two months. This is probably because we never had a real feature-list, or exact goals we wanted to archive. The game started out as only a Proof of Concept, but evolved pretty quickly to something more. But still with a concept of a prototype, we really didn’t know when to stop. So after more than 7 months of development, I decided it was time to cut it down. I set a list of finishing touches – and gave myself 2 weeks.

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