Hi, my name is Shelly. I'm a designer and
game developer living and working in Hamburg.

Sputnik Eyes Sputnik Eyes is a puzzle that will take you on a journey through the universe! sputnikeyes.com
Videogame (iOS)
Partyrs Partyrs A mobile puzzle game about rad monsters, crazy robots and party animals! partyrsgame.com
Videogame (iOS/Android)
Olav-and-the-lute Olav & the Lute A mystical, post-apocalyptic adventure game. Use the magical tunes of the lute to change your surrounding! olavandthelute.com
Videogame (PC/Mac/Web)
Er Aran Er Aran is an interactive experience about the future, the past and how will chess be remembered when we no longer exist
Videogame (Web) Interactive
New Yeah New Yeah A logo for "New Yeah", a clothing company
AZ3W AZ3W I designed the logo for the AZ3W, an association which organizes events and activities around the topic of Fair Trade
Notes Notes Of This Side Design for an exhibition flyer
Hamburger Indie Treff Hamburger Indietreff A logo for Hamburg's Indiescene's meetings
Nail Type Design Experiment
CARPE CARPE A logo for CARPE, the Consortium on Applied Research and Professional Education
Gebrochen Gebrochen Magazin about the history and usage of blackletter fonts
Layout Type
Hamburger Hafen Hamburger Hafen A typographic experiment on the topic of Hamburg(er)'s Harbour
Layout Type
Train Run Train Run Small game about not missing your train. Was taken offline some time ago
Videogame (iOS)
Font Alon Font prototype
Imitation Small zine, ispired by the R.E.M.-song "Imitation of Life"